Welcome To Brambles Bank Nursery


 Brambles Bank online  Nursery - a family run business established in 2004 and based at Whitwell on the Isle of Wight, supplying  in season vegetable plug plants, annual flowering and cut flower plug plants and all season perennials by post 

We grow all  of our plants in various pot and plug sizes fully hardened off ready to plant out, vegetable plants are supplied in season to give the customer the best growing conditions, we try to keep all of  our plants  chemical free and grown as enviromentally  friendly as we can , great care is taking on selecting each plant ready to dispatch to our ever growing customer base. 

Growing your own  vegetables from plugs cuts out the risky seedling stage as we have done this for you, all you have to do is plant them in  your   prepared beds. lots of our plugs/plants are also suitable to grow in pots  troughs etc.


Coming soon   perennials and  fresh British grown cut flowers.