Brambles Poultry

Brambles Bank Poultry est 2007


We have built up a very good name through out the Isle of wight and the south of England for all our Poultry and game we produce the following :


Hybrid  Pullets  day olds to POL Pullets all breeds available .


Day old table chicks Hatched to order . Growth charts on request


Day old table ducks Hatched to order .


Turkeys Bronzes whites and blacks day olds to off heat .


Game - Pheasants , partridges and mallard from hatching eggs to poults and growers .


For more info Please contact me on 07900732863 - any time or email me at [email protected]


Rare Breeds


All our rare breeds are from show winning stock from all over the country we have sourced stock from some of the very best flocks in England . we have the following breeds available in either hatching eggs or Pol Pullets with stud cockerels some times available .


New Pictures and videos comming shortly due to a upgrade in buying some new blood lines


Wyandotte Bantams  - Silver laced , Blue laced and white


Marans Large fowl  - Black and blue marans


Pekins - white , blue , mottled , mottle blue


Indian Game Bantams


For more info please contact on 07900732863 - anytime or email me at [email protected]